Find a Forever Piece

Browse our permanent jewelry selection in Pampa, TX

What better way to celebrate friendship than with permanent friendship bracelets? Rheams Diamond Shop has a permanent jewelry catalog in Pampa, TX. Whether you want to commemorate a special occasion or person in your life or you just want a piece that you can't lose, a permanent bracelet is the way to go.

These chains are not meant to come off, unless for medical reasons. In that case, we'll take them off and reapply them for free. Call 806-665-2831 today to learn more.

See how the process is done

All our permanent jewelry is welded on to make sure it stays put. When you book an appointment, you can expect to:

  • Pick a gold, sterling, stainless or gold-fill chain from the catalog
  • Get your wrist, ankle or neck measured
  • Have an expert jeweler weld the chain on
The process is completely pain-free. We'll protect your skin with a thick piece of leather so you don't feel the heat from the weld.

Getting permanent bracelets is a great activity for bachelorette or birthday parties. Your party can choose from our stainless-steel chains at $35 or our gold chains at $95. You can schedule an appointment or walk-in at your convenience.